How cute is Zoobie?! This girl with the huge expressive ears is playful, very smart, sweet and quick to give tail wags. This girl would do best in an active home that would give her lots of physical exercise and mental enrichment. Main color: Ta...
This lovely lady is not only gorgeous but she has such a lovable personality too. Mazie would love to go for long walks, sit by the ocean- watching the waves, or snuggling next to you for some love time! Main color: Black Second color: White Age...
This precious girl is a little shy at the start, but it doesn't take long before she is crawling into your lap for love and assurance. Hashtag does needs daily playtime and some basic training to help her be the very best girl ever #awesome shelter dog #adoptdontshop Main color: Brown Second color: Tan Weight: 30 Age: 0 years seven months 2wks
Cowboy is a smart and active boy, he needs daily exercise and training so this pup can grow into a precious friend. Labs remain 'puppies' for a few years and he will need lots of running and playtime for a long time to come. Cowboy is such a sweet boy he is sure to put a smile on your face! Main color: Chocolate Weight: 48 Age: 0 years 8 mnths 1wks
Hey there, please don't walk past me without saying hello! I am a nice boy who loves long walks, long naps and treats- oh boy do I love treats!!! I would make a adorable companion for you. Main color: Chocolate Weight: 66 Age: 8 yrs 1 mnths 1wks
Dancer is a adorable girl who loves to jump up and get hugs from her favorite humans. This girl is a wee bit nervous and needs a home that will be very gentle with her, we don't feel she would do best with small children. Dancer needs a home that will give her plenty of love, time and routine to help her shine. She is a 'special needs' girl because of her nervousness, it may take a bit of time ...
Chief is quite a special guy- he is super super smart- like a doggie Einstein! He already knows 'sit' and 'paw' and he is so eager to learn lots of cool stuff. Chief needs exercise for both his big brain and his body each day so he can be the bestest boy ever! Main color: White Second color: Brown Weight: 58 Age: 1 yrs 1 mons 0wks
Bronx is as goofy as they come; this boy is silly, happy and cute all wrapped up in a goofball package! Bronx needs a home that will get down on his level for fun playtimes and teach him how to be the very best dog ever. Main color: White Second color: Tan Weight: 43 Age: 1 yrs 1 mnths 0wks
Korva( Finnish for "ears') is 1 busy, bouncy girl! This girl must have watched too much Winnie the Pooh- she bounces just like Tigger does! Korva craves learning, she will do most anything for a tiny treat and a pat on the head! Korva is the kind of girl that likes to be busy and needs an outlet for her to get plenty of exercise and training. Main color: Brown Brindle Second color: White Weight...
Are you an active family, is your idea of fun going for a hike or a run- then Jane would be a perfect match for you! Jane is all about exercise, she loves a nice run, and if you happen to toss a ball her way- oh boy is she in doggie heaven!! Main color: Black Second color: White Weight: 43 Age: one years one months 0wks
Buzzfeed has the biggest ears ever- all the better to hear you with!! This cute pup was living outside in this awful cold weather and is ready to find a home filled with warm beds and even warmer hugs. Main color: Brown Weight: 9.6 Age: 1 yrs six months 1wks
Take a look into my eyes, and you will find pure goofiness and a whole lot of devotion and love. I had to overcome some setbacks to finally be able to find a forever home, you see, I was in a housefire and my family lost everything, it was really scary, but thankfully everyone was ok. I also had canine heart worms and needed to be treated for that, let me tell you, I did nice but I can't really...
Maddox is 1 of the happiest boys ever! He is playful, smart and a nice listener- oh the things you could teach this boy!!! All that he requires is love, playtime and good stuff to eat, and he promises to be totally devoted to you. Main color: Brown Weight: 64 Age: three years 2 months 3wks
One look at this girls face and you can tell how much she is enjoying her back scratched- she looks like she is in absolute heaven!! Rushka is a busy girl who needs daily exercise and training so she can be your very best friend. Rushka is selective of her canine friends. Main color: Tan Weight: 44 Age: 2 yrs 1 mnths 1wks
This brindle beauty loves nothing more then to please her humans by learning all the things she is taught- she soaks things up like a sponge! Shiba would make a lovable new friend, she is loyal and devoted. Main color: Brindle Age: three years 2 mnths 3wks
Costello is beyond wonderful, you just can't help but to kiss all over his sweet apple head! Costello is a bouncy and active boy that needs a place to bounce around and act silly each day, he is no couch potato! Pssss... Costello actually blushes when he is excited or nervous, he turns pink!! Main color: White Second color: Brown Weight: 57 Age: one years two months 3wks
Are you an active person, is your favorite thing to go for a run or a powerwalk along the boardwalk- then you just Have to spend some time with Misty. She has never met an activity that she doesn't like. Running, jogging, walking, Frisbee or a spirited game of fetch are all her favorite things. Mist needs some rules to follow and some training so she can be the exceptional girl she was meant to...
Triton is a attractive boy who is super willing to please. He is very smart and training will be easy for him and he surely needs it to give him some confidence. Sadly, this boy wasn't raised knowing that humans can be kind, but he is learning! Primar...
momma Nosy Pants lives up to her name; this girl is super curious about everything! She loves to watch whatever you are doing and sometimes tries to help! This girl will make you laugh with her silly antics! Momma Nosy Pants needs lots of exercise to...
Hooch is such a smart cookie, and he is quite attractive too! This smarty pants loves to learn fun stuff and he is a quick study. Hooch needs a home that will give him plenty of both physical and mental exercise to help him to be the very best dog ever...
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