I have been searching for a free cat tree for four months. I have two lovely cats who are in need of a cat tree instead of clawing and climbing all over my recliner chair. Please help me find a free cat tree and other cat toys welcomed. Thank you. Text me pics at 3022366688 looking for free stuff only. Also need a college dorm like desk, microwave, vacuum, etc
In need of a metal bed frame.queen size.mine broke and don't have money to get one. thanks so much for the help..
My moped is the only transport I have and I need it to get to work. It makes noise when I try to start it but can't turn over. If someone could take a look at it and give me an idea of what's wrong I'd be so greatful. I'd do some yardwork or anything for you if you can help me out.
I am in need of a ladies bike for a teen for Christmas please
In need of of a bike for my daughter so she can ride bikes with her 5 year old daughter. One that doesn t need fixing, as we don t know anything about fixing other than putting air in the tires, lol. Thanks ; )
I am looking for craft/scrapbooking supplies for a kids' program I want to create at the library (I am a youth services librarian). Paper, unused books, scissors that cut funky, paper cutters, stickers, a border maker, a cricut machine, etc.
Hi I am not sure if this allowed ,but my daughter is in need of a working car if someone has one they are no longer use ,she has 2 children having it rough right now thank you
Hello. I am in search of some clothes for my two children ages 12 and 14. My son is a xl to xxl in mens as he is big boned like his daddy. My daughter is quite the opposite as she is thin and lanky. She is a size l or xl in teens . Please let me know if you have anything available as they and I would greatly appreciate it.